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​Moissanite Diamond Hip Hop Jewlery

​Moissanite Diamond Hip Hop Jewlery

Posted by BlingJewelz on 8th Oct 2023

Moissanite is a gemstone that exhibits the same luring beauty that is highly priced in diamonds, but it outshines them with a beautiful and greater sparkle that exhibits an aesthetic appeal along with durability.

Moissanite is a gemstone discovered in 1893 by a French scientist, Henri Moissan.

He discovered the microscopic elements of the gem which he initially thought were diamonds but later came to know that these crystals were composed of Silicon Carbide.

Moissanite, the gemstone born from stars is referred to as a diamond stimulant and can give illusions that are in similarity to illusions of diamond but the difference between the two is compositionally and visually evident but the durability and color of both the gems are distinct. The thermal conductivity of both gems is good serving as the one common property in-between both.

After years of research, tests and trials the laboratory created form of Moissanite was finally created by synthesizing the particles Moissan discovered. It is very hard to find this gem naturally therefore it is available today in its laboratory form, they are used to make artistic and delicate jewelry pieces giving the sparkle of diamond pendantsdiamond Necklaces and diamond Pendants.

Sparkling Benefits of Moissanite Gem


The durability of Gemstones is measured using the Mohs Scale of Hardness. On Mohs Scale the Moissanite gems are measured to be 9.25 therefore they are suitable for daily wear in the form of hip hop jewelry or delicate jewelry like diamond pendants, diamond necklaces as per your preference


The brilliance of a diamond is referred to as the appearance of it when light is reflected through the interior of the gem. Moissanites exhibit a different kind of brilliance that is not found in diamonds as their faceting timeline is unique. It can create a disco ball effect through its reflections. It has a reflective index ranging from 2.65 - 2.69 which is higher than natural diamond.


Moissanite gems are labelled as “colorless” (graded D, E, or F) but they can still project a beautiful yellow or greyish hue in certain lights and the bigger the gem the noticeable the color becomes. These gems are of high clarity and have an excellent cut.


Moissanite gems are the perfect option for all those out there who are eco conscious and require a no mining stone. The moissanite is an appealing option for them. Moissanites have a trace carbon footprint therefore, they cause less environmental damage.


One of the attractive elements about moissanite jewelry is their price. The price of moissanite depends on their sizes but they are dramatically lower in pricing than diamonds of that size.

The mesmerizing beauty of moissanite gem along with their exceptional durability and affordability makes them a perfect choice for daily wear. They can also be worn in hip-hop jewelry for events or in simple diamond pendants and diamond bracelets as per your preference, but they serve to be the best option for all occasions.

A common thought that appears in our minds while buying a moissanite is whether the gem will appear to look like a natural diamond and be a perfect pair with natural diamond accents. Moissanite look stunningly beautiful when placed in rings, pendants and bracelets featuring like a diamond accent.







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