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Recent Posts

​Making a Statement with Bohemian Jewelry for Women

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 15th Feb 2023

Bohemian jewelry, also known as boho jewelry, has been making a comeback in recent years, and it's easy to see why. This type of jewelry is known for its uniq…
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​The Rise of Hip Hop Jewelry & New Trends in it

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 2nd Jan 2023

Hip hop, since it was first practiced, has had a significant cultural impact outside the realm of its music.Hip-hop singers like Slick Rick, Eric B. & Rakim,…
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Macho Cuban Link Cash Money Dollar Sign Hip Hop Chain Necklace

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 6th Nov 2022

A chain does not make you any less masculine! Flaunt it in style with your bling being noticeable instantly. You are welcome to choose between silver and gold w…
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​Men Reveal Your Bling With This Enchanting Baguette Ribbon Cross Hip Hop Pendant Chain!

Posted by on 13th Sep 2022

Forget remaining sedate and out of mind anymore. Embrace the opulence and sport your bling by wearing the magnificent hip-hop cross around your neck.…
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Flaunt The Flooded Ice Prong Set Baguette Initial Letter Custom Hip Hop Pendant To Capture Instant Attention!

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 19th Aug 2022

This is the age of self-promotion! You cannot go wrong by strutting around and showing yourself off on stage and in life. Well, you do not have to be too obviou…
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​Jesus Silver Gold Men’s Chain is a Bold Style Statement

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 11th Jul 2022

Men’s gold silver rose Jesus face flooded ice hip hop pendant is a lovely piece of jewelry you can keep wearing all the time. It is a piece of regular-use…
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​Tree of Life Ring will Bring Your Personality Alive

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 5th Jul 2022

Men's 14k Gold Silver Over No Fade Stainless Steel Tree Of Life Bling Rings is a statement piece for any man. You will love to own it and flaunt it be…
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​Iced Baguette Silver Earrings will Make You Look Like an Iced Queen Or Bling King

Posted by S.Nath on 30th Jun 2022

Iced Baguette .925 Solid Sterling Silver Hip Hop Square Cut Earrings is a pair of trendiest earrings that will make you the talk of your community. Yo…
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Spread a Message along with Bling

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 6th Apr 2022

So, if you are pro-soil saving, this 14k gold silver over stainless steel no-fade tree of life chain necklace is a perfect fit for you. Trees are life…
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Get Some Good Luck Bling with the Jesus Charm Bracelet

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 22nd Mar 2022

Whether you are a believer or not, you can’t deny that the Jesus pendant black leather bracelet is one of the most stylish pieces existing. Having it…
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Become the Fashion King with Bling

Posted by S.Nath on 15th Mar 2022

Are you a fan of scorpion king? Then this scorpion pendant necklace is the best possible thing for you to let people know that. Even if you are not, this b…
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Say Those Magic Words Courtesy The Magnificent ‘I Love You Initial’ Pendant N Chain

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 10th Feb 2022

It is not enough to say it with flowers anymore. Why not give her something that she will cherish forever? Trust gold this time and get her a beautifully E…
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​Total Eclipse Ring That Glitters With 5A Stones: That’s Flooded Ice Jewelry With No Equal!

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 30th Oct 2021

Total Eclipse Ring That Glitters With 5A Stones: That’s Flooded Ice Jewelry With No Equal! The ring of fire is evident when you witness a total solar eclip…
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​Bring Shine Into Your Street With The Dark Graffiti Bling Pendant Plus Chain!

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 18th Oct 2021

Bring Shine Into Your Street With The Dark Graffiti Bling Pendant Plus Chain! Spending a fortune on precious gems and jewelry may not be your thing. Keep t…
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​A Bevy of Bling-Bling Chains To Rock Your Style

Posted by S.Nath on 28th Sep 2021

The sharp line demarcating men and women has been eroded with men being revealed as emotional creatures who laugh and cry with equal abandon. Do not let this mo…
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​Watch Out For The Iced Out Watch! It Is Manly And Magnificent!

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 6th Aug 2021

Worried about gifting your man or brother the best item ever? Do not even hesitate for a second! The mechanical watch with all the trappings and decid…
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Baguette Pendant To Bring Moonshine In!

Posted by S.Nath on 24th May 2021

A gemstone par excellence! Well, you may not be rich enough to afford the wonderful Baguette diamond but you are all agog about possessing a highly symbolic Bag…
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Let The Bolt Of Lightning Banish Your Ignorance NOW!

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 25th Apr 2021

Dress up your fingers in the most unique way this time! You do not have to represent the ancient God Thor, however. Instead, feel free to draw attention to the…
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Fully Iced Wrist Watch: A Complete Win-Win!

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 7th Apr 2021

Do not be bashful about showcasing jewelry even though you happen to be a man! Admittedly you are not a rock star and lead a fairly comfortable life as a humble…
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Create A Buzz With Bling Bling Butterfly

Posted by Bling Jewelz on 2nd Apr 2021

Let go of the old order and welcome a new era that is full of promise. Usher in a completely novel period by wearing the petite butterfly charm over y…
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