​How to choose the best handbag to suit your lifestyle?

Handbags could be the next best things that women crave for after diamonds. Available in various hues and designs these days, it is quite difficult to tell the difference between the long-lasting and the use-and-throw ones. However, it depends on what you like. If you cannot settle with one bag for a long time, go for cheap designer bags. However, if you believe in class and durability, go for the ones that are pricey and stylish.

Everything, in fact, depends on your taste and lifestyle. If you are working for a fashion agency, you will obviously have to put up with the name and expectation of the organization you are working for. It also depends on your body structure and your taste for handbags. Your profession plays a great role in deciding what kind of bag you need. If you are working in offices with long, erratic working hours, you should try out spacious handbags in which you can also carry your lunchbox. If you are an architect or an engineer, look for something that is durable and can survive the tough environments you work in. You should also ensure that bags used at offices are different from the ones carried in professional and personal parties. They should not only be chic, but also exude your style statement.

Here are a few tips to choose the best bag:

Satchel: These handbags are sturdy and have a lot of space. The main pocket is covered by a flap, two small handles, a shoulder strap and zippers or clips for sealing pockets. This type of handbag is carried by both men and women. These can carry books, laptops, files.

Bucket bags: Bucket bags are spacious and are usually carried by women who like carrying a lot of things even to office. These bags have an open top or drawstrings closure and two shoulder straps. These are roomy and can carry make-up, money, cell phones, lunch boxes, and more.

Clutch: These are available in stylish designs and are essentially carried by hand. However, some of the clutches are also available with shoulder sling belts for easy handling. These bags are small, pouch-shaped spaces, which are available in various shapes. They are great party accessories where you do not have to carry too much, apart from a lipstick or some money.

Tote bags: Usually carried for shopping, owing to the space it has, a tote bag is a favorite among shopaholics. Although not as spacious as bucket bags or satchel, these bags are rectangular or square-shaped spaces with broad bases.

Hobo bags: The hobo bag has one main shoulder strap and a main zipper. It may have smaller pockets inside. These are usually carried by women who like to carry their make-up everywhere.

Whatever the type of bag be, ensure that you are comfortable using it. It should match your personality, depending on your workplace. You can also have multiple bags to cater to various occasions at office or outside. However, before choosing the right bag, fix your budget because that plays a great role in deciding your shopping for bags.

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