​Hamsa Hand Pendant to Defend Yourself from the Evil Eye

Hamsa Hand Pendant to Defend Yourself from the Evil Eye

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Why care to strap an awkward amulet on your arm when you can fashionably wear your talisman around your neck. Presenting a swoon-worthy Hamsa hand necklace, plated with 14K gold and studded generously with diamond CZ gems. Pretty and delicate, this jewelry is versatile to say the least. Wear it all the time or when dressing for a party, this piece can never really look out of place.

The ornate embellishments inside the hand is indicative of the superior quality craftsmanship involved in the making. The Hamsa hand is bordered with a shimmering line of diamond CZs that outlines the hand giving it a very pretty look. A small diamond CZ sits at the heart of the jewel centering the piece and giving it an extra bit of glitter.

The Iced Out Hamsa hand hangs from a gold plated snake chain that makes the most fitting pair to this bling piece. The chain opens and closes with a snap lock clasp.

Wear your prophylactic protection in style with this bling amulet. This pendant will be your everyday guard against everything bad and evil.

At just $25, this piece is a lucky find.