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Baguette Pendant To Bring Moonshine In!

Baguette Pendant To Bring Moonshine In!

Posted by S.Nath on 24th May 2021

A gemstone par excellence! Well, you may not be rich enough to afford the wonderful Baguette diamond but you are all agog about possessing a highly symbolic Baguette pendant in 18K gold or .925 silver that forms a distinct plate over the humble jeweler’s metal.

The crescent moon with an accompanying lone star is a totem for many beliefs, each diverse from the other. True, the slice of the moon has been attributed to the Islamists but you are welcome to brandish this beautiful pendant hanging from a Cuban chain even if you are a true Christian who is enamored by the figure of our Lord the Savior and all that he represents.

The silvery or golden moon that adorns your body is representative of victory in war. You may even pray to Diana, the ancient Goddess by choosing to wear this magical symbol.

Wait a minute! Do you need to wear it to make a statement? Nah! The iced-out item of jewelry gives you the bling! Capture attention big way by making it yours. It comes to you at $43.50! Affordable and attractive! Now, you have the best of every world!

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