​Stay Blessed By The Ancient Gods & Make A Statement!

Stay Blessed By The Ancient Gods & Make A Statement!

Ancient African Jewelry

Go ahead and pronounce your masculinity with the help of this amazing pendant set on a matching chain. You certainly do not need any other adornment to go with it. Weave magic with the assistance of the powers to be of ancient Egypt and Judah that had kept the entire world enthralled when the Gods swayed over human beings.

The box chains that serve as the link is created out of square links and happens to be sturdy enough to hold a heavy pendant dangling from it! It may be a humble link but its power cannot be underestimated in any way either. All of 24 inches, the length is just right to make the pendant obvious without endangering the user in any manner.

Go ahead a opt for this wonderful combo that will bequeath you with the immense strength and prowess of the King of Kings of Judah along with the Pharaoh King Tut with all his wisdom that is rarely seen in the young. The blessings of the Anubis will keep you from death while the Ankh helps you to prolong your life. The heavenly cycle that aids you to enjoy eternity of life is all too evident when you choose to showcase the exquisite scarab on the chain along with the blessings of Horus, the creator as believed by the Egyptians.

The accompanying Miami Cuban Link Chain is just apt for exhibiting your virility as you choose to wear one or several of these wonderfully significant pendants linked together to make a statement.

Hurry! For the entire Bling set can be yours for just $80.