​Motley Wooden Bead Chain with Bling African Continent Pendant

The tribal motif is presently one of the most predominant themes in jewelry. An addition to the fast growing collection of tribal baubles is this brilliant necklace from the continent of Africa. Unlike most chains, this one doesn’t use metals or metal plating. In its stead, the makers have introduced a vibrant beaded chain woven with brightly colored wooden balls. Red, green and black beads are woven consecutively to create this warmly colored, very tribal chain.

Ancient African Continent Pendant

Hanging from the chain is a large and lovely pendant, shaped like the great African continent. The pendant has the jagged edges and irregular surface that closely mimic the continent as seen in the map or from the satellites. The surface of the pendant has a mix of rough flat and polished bumped broadly imitating the terrain of Africa.

The contrast of gold and wood is the greatest highlight of the piece. The pastel tones of the beads in comparison to the soft, golden hue of the pendant whips up a pleasant surprise for the eyes.

The best thing about this piece is that you can wear it as a symbol of pride and power or Just Because its a hot piece, or both.