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​Alluring Ancient African Egyptian Queen Tiye Ankh Stone Cross Pendant

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Alluring Ancient African Egyptian Queen Tiye Ankh Stone Cross Pendant

The past always remains in our collective memories as we take messages from incidents that had taken place centuries ago. Do not forget the ancient Egyptian civilization either! You have much to learn from it even today.

Stop hesitating for even a second when buying yourself a classy Ankh that depicts the Egyptian Queen Tiye therefore. The gold plated chain with the comely Ankh dangling from your neck is sure to create a positive impression.

No matter whether you are a singer or a hip-hop artist; a dancer or a simple man in the street, this classic Ankh can help you to make a difference to your own image. Yes! It resembles a woman of substance but her inner personality and strength of character is definitely worth emulating. So, go ahead and order the enchanting Ankh right away along with bejeweled cross encrusted with tiny hand set CZ stones.

Pair them together and your plain black Tee is sure to take on added glamour. It certainly comes cheap at $25. Do not allow the moment to pass away though. Get hold of the pendant and the Ankh together and become the most talked about man in tow