Iced Out Strong Sea Ring for Men

15th Sep 2017

Iced Out Strong Sea Ring for Men

Hip Hop Rings

If you are fond of signet rings, and anything close, then this piece will hook you for good. Bonded with 14K gold and rhodium, this ring is an eye-magnet. A perfect add-on to any party wear, this one makes the perfect accessory for party shirts, tuxedos, suits and even blazers.

The ring is set in the center with blue Iced Out CZ stones and accented with colorless CZ on all sides. A short row of white CZ descends to the shoulders of the ring on both sides, giving the step-cut shanks a pronouncement.

The most distinctive feature of this ring is its stonework which is done in layers to give the ring multiple facets and dimensions. Layer upon layer of simulated diamonds top the surface of this Hip Hop ring giving the whole of it a silver lining.

If you are wondering how the designers got the white gold rhodium bonding that is achieved through an advanced electroplating process in which the inner material is galvanized with heavy coatings of rhodium. The same process has been used to achieve the yellow gold color, along with a little color treatment and enhancement technique.

So, the answer to what accessory you will wear to the next prestige party or you hottest club scene is right here before you.