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Iced Out Dog Tag Pendants for Men with Bold Taste in Jewelry


Iced Out Dog Tag Pendants for Men with Bold Taste in Jewelry

Bling Bling Triple Ice Dog Tags

Dog tags are pretty common, but they don’t make a fitting accessory to party wears and fancy apparels. Well, that was how it was before the arrival of this spectacular set of dog tag pendants. A set of three, this suite is made of three 14K gold plated, CZ inlaid Iced Out dog tags. Like their chains, these hip hop pendants are sized differently and aligned to appear in an ascending order. Wear just one or a couple or all three together, all eyes around you will be on you.

The beauty of these hip hop piece is in its details. The stones are all handset and that shows in the precise alignment of the Iced Out gems. These Bling pendants, unlike regular dog tags do not feature a rigid shape. The curves at the top and bottom redefine the shape. The addition of Iced Out stones inside the tags brings an element of class and chic, something that was previously associated with dog tags.

The box chains are hung from these Iced Out Dog Tag pendants are sized in consistence with the pendants. The shortest chain holds the smallest pendant. However, you can still get creative and mix and match the pendants with the necklaces as you see fit.