Gold Bonded Egyptian Horus Bird Earrings Brooch Set

Gold Bonded Egyptian Horus Bird Earrings Brooch Set

African Jewelry

Tribal themed jewelry has once again rose up the fashion ladder claiming its supremacy over other prevailing trends. Make use of that to grab yourself this fine ensemble of Egyptian African Horus bird. The set comes with a large bling falcon brooch and a pair of matching earrings. Weighing 1.04 ounces, this piece is plated with 14K gold.

If you, like many others out there, are fascinated by the rich history of the Egyptian civilization, then you probably already know about this legend. For those who don’t, the Horus bird, in ancient Egyptian society, was a tutelary deity.

The brooch exhibits spectacular details. The wings and the body of the falcon is dotted with checkered pattern detailing that come together to create a wonderful weave work. The falcon wears a circular crown on its hand. The ear rings are identical, only smaller.

This wonderful suite comes for $15 which is a win-win for anybody who has an eye for details in jewelry and appreciates it.

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So, get your own Horus set today. Wear the brooch to parties or outings and enjoy all the extra attention that it calls