​Go old school Hip Hop with This Bold Bling Dookie Rope Chain

Go Old School Hip Hop with This Bold Bling Dookie Rope Chain

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Anybody who keeps an active eye out for changing fashion trends know that rope chains are in vogue at this point. If your love affair with rope chains is old, now is the best time to show it off with this bold dookie chain. Hanging at 30 inches, this piece is designed to perfection to suit the bold man’s taste.

This hip hop chain features thin threads of hollow links that band and twist together to mimic the shape of a rope. Plated with 14K gold, this bling necklace is the epitome of hip hop fashion.

If you are a follower of the hip hop culture, then you would know the true aesthetic value of this chain.

The chain makes a fitting accompaniment to casuals and formals. So, do not hesitate to wear it over your shirt and suit. If you like to keep it on all the time, then by all means go ahead, for this piece will make sure that you stay fashionable, always.

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For $64.99, this one is truly a bargain.