​Dazzle the Crowd with This Swoon-Worthy Bib Necklace

Dazzle the Crowd with This Swoon-Worthy Bib Necklace

Bib necklaces are spectacular works of craftsmanship. They are high-end, gorgeous and unbelievably expensive. Here is your chance to get a perfect suite of bib necklace and matching earrings at a dirt cheap price. This beautiful cascading neckpiece is collared with a thick Cuban link chain and topped off with an intricate weave work of stones and metal.

The necklace makes the best pick for deep V and sweetheart dress cuts that leave a lot of bare skin above the neckline. The cascading bottom of the neckpiece sits smugly in a V form engaging the eyes of the audiences in its brilliant display of shine and shimmer. Coupled with it is a pair of diamond CZ ear studs that complement, but not steal the attention from the star neckpiece.

Plated with 14K gold, the bling bling version of this jewelry is a stunner. However, if you are a silver person, go for the Rhodium silver overlayed version is a spitting image of the gold version, only in color silver.

Wear this to a party and watch eyes follow you around as you walk in style around the room, wearing something so rare and exquisite as this piece.