Bling Jewelz ​Rhodium Jewelry for a High-Shine Finish

Bling Jewelz ​Rhodium Jewelry for a High-Shine Finish

Rhodium Jewelries for a High-Shine Finish

While the price of gold and platinum are on an upward climb, jewelry merchants are busy designing alternate jewelries that suit the pockets. Rhodium is one of the metals that came up in the list of alternate materials to precious ones. So, after platinum, gold and silver, now we have rhodium. Quite remarkably, rhodium is categorically a precious metal like the traditional ones. It is classified under the platinum metal group in the precious metal table. But, jewelers have been able to cut corners with the prices of rhodium jewelries that hasn’t been possible before. If you are looking for alternate white metal jewelries that are not as loftily priced as white gold or platinum, then rhodium is your thing.

Rhodium and Rhodium Plated Jewelries

There are two varieties in rhodium jewelries- one that is curved in rhodium, and another, that is made of something and plated with rhodium on the outside. Now rhodium as a metal is a rare one, just as gold and silver. It has the shine and luster of an expensive metal. To add to that rhodium is a very durable metal. That is precisely why rhodium is chosen to be cast on jewelries. Rhodium plated jewelries are often made of expensive metals like white gold and silver. The plating on top is added with the purpose of adding some extra shine and luster which is otherwise unavailable with the primary metal. Another reason why jewelers choose rhodium is because it is sturdy and scratch-resistant. A rhodium-coated or full rhodium jewelry is less likely to pick up scratches than any other metals.

Plus Sides of Rhodium Jewelries

While rhodium works to the advantage of most sellers, it has a share of benefits for the buyers too. First of all, rhodium jewelries look very expensive, and the extra reflectivity makes the jewelries easily catchy. Rhodium acts as a scratch-resistant coating that keeps jewelries lustrous for long. Another great advantage of using rhodium jewelries is that it is hypoallergenic. Rhodium is free of nickel which makes it unlikely to cause any kind of allergic reaction to the skin. This is why jewelries sometimes plate precious metal jewelries with rhodium to prevent them from making direct contact with the skin of the wearers. Yellow gold jewelries are often dipped in rhodium solution because of the trace nickel content in yellow gold. That makes rhodium a wise choice of metal for most users.

Things to be Mindful Of

Though rhodium coated jewelries retain their luster longer than other jewelries, the top coating eventually wears out revealing the inside. So, re-dipping or re-plating the jewelries is necessary periodically. Ideally, a reapplication every couple of years is a good interval between treatments. However, for some wearers, the rhodium surface fades off sooner than others. It also depends on how often you wear a piece of jewelry. Look for jewelries that come with free rhodium plating maintenance or extended warranty.

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