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Micro-Pave Jewelries: The Incredible Specimen of Hand-Set Baubles

In recent times, stone setting in jewelries have taken an upshot. While use of gems in jewelries has leapfrogged over time, the type of settings has also multiplied with that. Today, there are more types of gem settings used in jewelry designing than you know. Micro-pave is one among them. It is a very interesting variant of pave setting that involves use of microscopic stones that are otherwise difficult to be set and secured with regular prongs and holdings. Not only is micro pave transformative to the esthetics of a jewelry, but it is also every effective in making possible manual setting of stones that was previously considered impractical.

What Exactly Is Micro-Pave?

Micro-pave is a type of pave setting technique that can place stones as small as 1mm in multiple rows along the surface of a single piece of jewelry. It is a manual technique that lives and breathes on its precision. Since paving of stones so small cannot be made possible with naked eyes, the technique involves use of very high magnification for error-free results. Micro-pave too have some variations such as mini-pavé, microscopic pavé and micro-set. Since micro-pave is a very specific technique, nor all types of micro-paving technique can be categorized under it. The suffix of micro-pave comes from the French word “pavé” meaning cobblestone pieces that are the trademark of European roadways.

What Sets Micro-Pave Jewelries Apart

Frankly, the first thing that is distinguishable about these jewelries is the gemstone setting which strikes out a bold line of difference between it and all other types of jewelries. However, to point out the finer points of difference, there are quite a few. Firstly, the sizes of gems used in these jewelries are very uniform, sometimes, exactly the same throughout. The stones almost never exceed the size of 1.4 mm starting at 1mm or even lesser. Generally, the surfaces of these jewelries are curved and the rows of stones are laid at a tilt, often at an angle of 60 degrees or even more. There are some designs that have micropave rows set at 90 degree angles. Another trademark feature of these jewelries is the absence of separations between the stones. There are practically no boundaries and the stonework often resembles a honeycomb pattern. The sequences of stones are interlocked in straight or circular lines, but never in a wave pattern. The stones in a micro-pave jewelry is also set densely together and that from a distance appears like perfect rows.

The Beauty of Micro-Pave Jewelries

The focal point of the aesthetics of micro-pave jewelries is their symmetry. All the components in the layout appears to be in perfect symmetry. The precision of stone setting balances it out so well that the final outcome is not just brilliant but mathematically perfect. The undercutting in the pieces lends the stone an illusion that they are afloat. Though the stones are laid in close proximity, the micro-spacing in between is just as uniform as it can be. Micro-pave jewelries are visually 3 dimensional, thanks to the perfectly executed patterns.

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