Black Hip Hop Shamballa Bracelet for the Bold

Black Shamballa Bracelet for the Bold

Shamballa Hip Hop Bracelet

Bead bracelets are the heart and soul of Bold swag fashion. They may not exactly be precious-looking, but they have a charm of their own. But if you already have enough of these numbers, you may not want to add one more to your stock. But actually, this one will have you change your mind for good. This cool disco ball bracelet is distinguishable from all others you have seen or had before. This one is a string of mottled black beads woven with black elastic thread. However, what makes this Shamballa bracelet one of its kind is its center bead.

Placed at the core of the bracelet is a stunning blue shiny Iced Out disco ball after which the piece is named. Encrusted with countless blue diamond Cz stones to add a Touch of Bold Hip Hop, this addition is what elevates this otherwise ordinary bracelet to new heights. The color blue blends perfectly with the rest of the black beads lending them some extra glamor.

The piece is size adjustable which means this one size fits everybody.

Slide it in and knot it up when dressing for college or just leave it on for as long as you want, this Shamballa bracelet is a lovely everyday wear jewelry at $39 only.