Black Hematite Jewelries, for Fashion and Fortune

Black Hematite Jewelries, for Fashion and Fortune

Gemstones occur in nature in motley colors, ranging from iridescent to transparent, from monochrome to multicolor and more. But, only a selected few bear the shade of black. Of course there is black diamond which is incredibly rare and thereby steeply priced. Another one that is well within our reach and come in a variety of gray and black tones is hematite. Black hematite jewelries have recently come up in fashion, exchanging places with quite a few very popular colored gemstones. Black hematite is loved for its steely luster and dark opaque black hue that together give the stone a silvery shine and a rich blackness.

Black Hematite Jewelries

Though hematite occurs in gray, brown and red colors too, the black variety is the most popular of them all. Black hematite is a chosen gemstone for a variety of jewelries. Of them all, the stone most commonly occurs in neckpieces. Beaded hematite necklaces have largely replaced the pricey pearl alternative, to the surprise of many who are now able to afford these stunning neckpieces without splurging excessively. Aside necklaces, hematite pendants too are popular among ladies worldwide. Asymmetrical and random shaped black hematite pendants have been in fashion since the emergence of hematite as an item of popularity. Hematite rosaries may be hard to come by, but they make a part of the high-fashion collection in stores. Hematite bracelets and earrings are two other highly sold jewelries in this category.

The Healing Effects of Black Hematite

Crystal gazers have long vouched by the benefits of black hematite on their wearers. The stone is often referred to as the healing stone in astrology. It is highly effective in treating blood disorders, anemia, in particular. It is known to be a highly effective stress-buster, something that has helped many through dark times. The stone has a very positive charge that helps to cool down the body and mind, cleansing anxiety, stress and other negative energies. It is known to work up creative energy in people and resultantly, boost their sense of self-worth and esteem.

Metaphysical Benefits of Black Hematite Jewelries

The effects of black hematite jewelries extend to the spirit and soul of its wearers. Hematite is known to calm down the mind and bring a balance in the energies of the soul. The stone is known to help people feel and be grounded, even when enjoying a high status. It helps to keep the mind focused. Astrologers indicate that the stone is highly effective in balancing the chakra and thereby, bringing peace and prosperity in the lives of its users. It brings alive hopes and dreams in people who is beaten in life. Wearing black hematite jewelries is synonymous with enlivening your dreams and desires that one has forwent. It brings the mind, the body and the spirit in a line balancing them on an even keel.

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