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Hip hop Jewelry: Bold is the New In

Hip hop jewelry came into fashion following the trail of the fling for bling. That was in the mid-1900s. Decades later, the resurgence of the fascination for heavy jewelry is once again tiding the market. Jewelers big and small are currently absorbed in the production of chunky and bulky jewelries that have loud designs, exorbitant use of gold and astronomical prices, making them a hobby of the profligates. However, today’s business is not for a section of the mass, but for the mass at large. So, vying for the attention of the entire global populace, jewelers have introduced some fascinating pieces of hip hop jewels that are, by far, economically priced and are designed involving specific innovative techniques.

Hip hop Jewelry: A Phenomenon

It all started in the 80s with the rappers, the likes of LL Cool J and DMC. Most of the rappers who were topping the chartbusters where at one point nobodies before the start of their musical career. Once their music started to gain popular attention, their records sold, and sold wildly. With that came a lot of money that gave them the affordability to purchase expensive things. What’s most expensive to common knowledge is what shines. Along came gaudy gold ornaments. Soon gold came to be introduced in their everyday commodities like t-shirts, cars, toilet seats and even dental implants. This was the era of hip hop jewelry.

The Transgression of Tastes through Time

In the starting, the market responded to the demand of the rich and famous returning them high carat, often garishly designed artefacts. The rope chains, three finger rings, gold-made watches, were a few of what the jewelers then set out with. Thankfully, the market is a lot more refined than that. People’s tastes can no longer be satisfied with anything blingy. They want design, they want finesse and damn right, they want it real. Jewelers at this time are the proud manufacturers of some of the finest pieces of hip hop jewels that are not only satisfying in terms of design and décor, but also use less gold than their 80s counterparts. That makes them affordable to the mass.

Varieties of Hiphop Jeweleries

Of pendants, the initial ones are very popular. They come with a beady chain with an alphabet pendant changing. It goes without saying that these pendants are customizable from the letter to the font. The pendants are often studded with stones. The Cuban link pendant is another popular piece. It uses a long oval-cut sapphire at the center with platinum or gold wiring outside. The Medusa head pendant is another popular entrant. Round and heavy like a medallion, this one comes in a box chain with other two pendants, namely, the lion and a square ruby. They can worn on the same and preferably different chains. Other pendants that make popular choices among the buyers are the black power pendant that has a gold map of Africa as the locket attached to a rope chain and Cz paper plane locket which is inspired by one from Jay Z’s collection.

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