.21 (ct) Simulated Diamond Two Tone Crown Bling Ring

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Genuine Rhodium Plated and 18k Gold Plated Ring with Alternating Round and Princess Cut Clear Simulated Diamonds on top of a Crown Design and Round Cut Clear Simulated Diamond Accents in a Bezel and Prong Setting in Two-Tone. Fashioned with two gold and silver tones and brilliant Simulated Diamond this ring was dreamed up with design in mind. Our two-tone and tri-tone process use 18k gold that electroplated coating the item with heavy layers of 18k yellow gold giving it that 14k hamiliton gold polished look. The silver tone is achieved by applying a heavy coating of genuine rhodium to the item giving is a lustrous silver tone high polish.

  • Size: 22 mm L x 10 mm W x 2.5 mm H
  • Item Weight: 0.02
  • Carat Weight: .21 (ct)
  • Setting Type: Bezel| Prongs
  • Style: Anniversary Classic Cocktail Eternity Fashion Wedding
  • Material: Simulated Diamond
  • Stone Cut: Round Princess

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